The Business Law Journal is a great opportunity for all Duquesne law students who wish to pursue a career which intertwines both business and the law. Through publication, leadership, and networking, the Duquesne Business Law Journal offers opportunities for students to build stronger writing skills and further develop a promising legal career. Participation as a staff member on the Duquesne Business Law Journal will enhance your legal writing technique and increase your insight into the inner-workings of both the business and legal worlds.

Membership to the Business Law Journal for the upcoming academic year involves a two-step process: a write-on competition and an interview with the editorial board. Stay tuned for deadlines concerning selection of the Volume 19 staff!

Write-On Competition

  • Students interested in becoming a member of the Business Law Journal must e-mail their name, e-mail address, and class level to Upon receipt of this email, a member of the editorial board will contact the interested student with further direction.
  • The write-on competition is conducted mid-summer. The competition topic will be announced via the Business Law Journal’s Write-On Competition page on TWEN, and will also be sent to the e-mail address of the candidate.
  • Submissions for the competition can be made via the Journal’s Write-On Competition page on TWEN.


  • Following the submission and review of all the submitted write-on pieces, the editorial board will contact the candidates to coordinate an interview.
  • Interviews are held annually in early September.


Any inquiries regarding membership to the Duquesne Business Law Journal should be directed to

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