Fall Recruitment (Including OCI)

TO: All Law Students Returning in the Fall of 2013
FROM: The Career Services Office
RE: Fall Recruitment (Including OCI)
DATE: July 1, 2013 (Distributed via e-mail and posted to The Common Plea)

Greetings from the Career Services Office (CSO)! We hope that your summer has been productive and enjoyable. This letter is designed to provide you with information about Fall Recruitment, including On-Campus Interviews, judicial clerkship deadlines for rising 3D/4E/4P’s, and upcoming federal government deadlines.

Fall On-Campus Interviewing (OCI)

This year, on-campus interviews begin on Monday, August 12, 2013*, and continue through Friday, November 15, 2013. During OCI, participating employers will interview law students for positions as 2014 summer associates and for full-time, entry-level associate positions to begin in the fall of 2014. Therefore, all day, part-time day, and evening students in the Classes of 2014 and 2015 are eligible to participate in Fall OCI.** If you plan on participating, you should have the following items: an updated resume, a cover letter, a copy of your Law School transcript/grade report, a writing sample, and a list of references.

The CSO utilizes DuqLawConnect to publicize OCI information. On DuqLawConnect, you will be able to review the list of participating employers and submit your application materials. Essentially, you will go to DuqLawConnect (https://law-duq-csm.symplicity.com/students), complete a student profile, upload your documents, review the employers’ information and hiring criteria under the OCI tab, and then decide to which employers you would like to submit your materials. If you misplaced your log-in information, please send an e-mail lawcareers@duq.edu.

For detailed instructions about this on-line application process, you should review the User Guide for On-Campus Interviews, which can be found under the “Resources” tab on DuqLawConnect.

The list of employers participating in OCI is updated as firms/organizations register for OCI. You are encouraged to check the list on a regular basis so you do not miss an opportunity to submit your materials for OCI consideration. The application deadline for each employer will be listed accordingly. An employer’s OCI application deadline will not be extended for any reason.

To assist the law firms and organizations with their scheduling efforts, Fall OCI is divided into various sessions:

Session 1: August 12 – August 30
Session 2: September 3 – September 30
Session 3: October 1 – November 15
CSO Collecting: Interview dates dependent on firms’ schedules.
Students Apply Directly: Interview dates dependent on firms’ schedules.

Firms will participate in only one session; a firm does not return to campus to interview students during later sessions. For example, a firm listed in Session 1 does not return in Session 3 to interview additional students or students who missed the original deadline.

Submitting your resume to an employer is considered a commitment to participate in every interview for which you are selected. If you are not genuinely interested in a firm, please do not submit your resume — it is unfair to your fellow students who are genuinely interested and it undermines the CSO’s recruiting efforts. On-campus interviews are not “practice interviews.” They are costly to the firms, and very important to those students who have a sincere interest in the firms. Therefore, if you are selected for an interview, you must take the interview. If you fail to show up, you will forfeit the next interview for which you are selected. Of course, if there are verifiable extenuating circumstances (serious illness, death in the family, etc.), please contact the CSO and we will assist you in rescheduling your interview.

A Special Note about The Current Legal Market

Large law firms are operating under what they call the “new normal” in which summer associate class sizes have decreased by as much as 75% or more, e.g., a firm that previously had 20 summer associates now has 5. This means fewer positions are available at those firms, and even students with outstanding credentials will have to work very hard to find a summer position. August/September is the time of year when large law firms nationwide are recruiting, so do your research and send out your cover letters and resumes before classes begin. The CSO has resources to assist you in identifying and contacting firms in this region and nationwide. In addition, consider federal government opportunities, judicial clerkships, and other firms in the markets that you are targeting.

Beyond Fall On-Campus Interviewing

Traditionally, employers who participate in Fall OCI tend to be large law firms or legal departments of large corporations. Employers who will interview on campus this fall tend to focus on students in the top of the class and those on Law Review. Most, but not all, OCI employers require or prefer that candidates have a certain GPA or class rank. Because some of the employers will consider students who have had significant work or life experiences or who meet other hiring criteria, you are encouraged to review all OCI listings so you do not miss an opportunity for which you are eligible to apply.

Although Fall OCI is a very visible and useful job search vehicle for some students, it is only one aspect of the CSO’s efforts to help ALL students obtain employment. A relatively small percentage of students find positions through Fall OCI. No one can or should rely on OCI as the sole means of
procuring a job. It has always been the case that the majority of students obtain jobs through independent efforts, including networking, targeted mailings to small- and medium-size firms, informational interviews, and responses to job postings. In the current legal job market, having an active job search that requires making regular contacts is not just desirable, it is essential to finding employment. The CSO is here to assist you with your job search.

Much of the CSO’s time and resources will be spent assisting those students who do not get their jobs through Fall OCI. We cannot “get” each of you a job, but we will make available to you as many opportunities and resources as possible. Further, our primary role is assisting you in developing job search skills that you can use throughout your careers. We are planning a variety of programs and workshops for the upcoming academic year to help you with these important skills.

We strongly encourage each of you to take full advantage of all CSO programs. In addition, students should schedule individual appointments for resume review, job search strategy advice, and interview skills suggestions. Remember, the success of your job search is in your hands — be as prepared as you can be for the difficult task that lies ahead. Preparation and perseverance are essential.

An Interview Skills Panel Discussion will kick-off the CSO programming for the 2013-2014 year. This program will feature attorneys and legal recruiters who serve on hiring committees and regularly conduct interviews with students. All students are encouraged to attend this program, regardless of your participation in Fall OCI. Many small and mid-sized firms do not have recruitment offices or personnel, but the issues, concerns and questions regarding student and recent graduate recruitment and interviewing are universal in many respects. This program will be held during the week of August 5. If schedules permit, we will have a daytime (12:15-1:15 p.m.) and evening (5:15-6:15 p.m.) session. For planning purposes, please send a note to comas@duq.edu with your time preference.

Department of Justice: Applications for the Attorney General’s Honors Program (entry-level attorney openings) and 2013 Summer Law Internship Program (SLIP) will be available online beginning July 31, 2013. The deadline to apply is September 3, 2013. Additional information about both programs can be found at http://www.justice.gov/careers/legal/students.html.

Federal Government: The application deadlines for many entry-level and internship positions with federal government agencies are in the fall. If you are interested in a post-graduate position or a summer internship with the federal government, visit the Government Honors & Internship Handbook, which can be linked to from your DuqLawConnect homepage, under the “Shortcuts” section. The Handbook is updated regularly, so interested students should review it frequently for new information.

Judicial Clerkships: Graduating Students (3D, 4E, 4P): The recommended deadline to apply for federal judicial clerkships was Friday, June 28, 2013. This was the first day on which many federal judges began to review applications, interview candidates and make employment offers. Many (but not all) federal judges require that students apply online through the OSCAR system (https://oscar.symplicity.com).

Graduating students should apply to state judicial clerkships in the summer or early fall semester of their last year of law school. The state courts’ application processes vary, and students are encouraged to review the Judicial Clerkship Guide which provides information about the application processes in each state. Students may link to this password-protected site directly from their DuqLawConnect homepage under the “Shortcuts” section.

Equal Justice Works Fellowship Programs: A variety of fellowship opportunities are available to graduating students (3D, 4E, 4P) through Equal Justice Works. Students may apply, beginning this summer, for the Equal Justice Works Fellowships and AmeriCorps Legal Fellowships. Each of these programs has specific application requirements, and interested should become familiar with them by reviewing the information found at www.equaljusticeworks.org. Applications for the Equal Justice Works Fellowship will be available on July 8, 2013; they are due on September 17, 2013. The application deadline for the AmeriCorps Fellowships has not yet been posted. Students interested in additional public service and government fellowships should create a free account with www.psjd.org (Public Service Jobs Directory) and review their comprehensive listing of fellowship opportunities.

Presidential Management Fellows (PMF) Program: Graduating students (3D, 4E, 4P) are eligible to apply for the Presidential Management Fellows Program. This is a two year fellowship program that enables graduate degree students to be appointed to Federal positions as PMF’s and to have the opportunity to be converted from a PMF to a permanent position following a successful fellowship. Information for the Class of 2014 PMF Class should be available on www.pmf.gov in summer/fall 2013. As a point of reference, the application deadline was in November for the Class of 2013.

Resumes & Cover Letters – Resources Available to You
Information about drafting a resume, cover letter, and application materials; researching employers; preparing for an interview; and choosing a writing sample is available in the CSO Handbook, which can be found online on The Common Plea (www.duqlawblogs.org/cso – under Career Resources). Additional resources are available to you in the CSO Resource Center.

You are encouraged to have your resume and other documents reviewed before you apply for any employment or internship position. If you would like your documents to be reviewed, please email them to Maria Comas at comas@duq.edu. Because of the increased number of requests to review documents during the summer, please allow one week for the review of your materials.



June 28, 2013: Deadline to apply for federal judicial clerkships via OSCAR.

July 8 – September 17, 2013: Apply for Equal Justice Works Fellowships.

July 29, 2013: First application deadline for OCI employers. OCI application materials are due on a rolling basis. The application deadline for each employer will be included in their OCI listing.

July 31 – September 3, 2013: Apply for Department of Justice Attorney General’s Honors Attorney Program and SLIP.

August 12, 2013: On-campus interviews begin.

August 2013: Interview Skills Panel Discussion. Details to follow.

TBA: Deadline to apply for Presidential Management Fellowship Program and AmeriCorps Legal Fellowship Program.

* At the request of multiple employers, OCI will begin earlier in August than it has in previous years.  Because employers interview students in cities across the country, we moved our interview dates up in order to give our students opportunities to be interviewed and considered for positions before those positions were filled.
**Special note to Evening Division students: on campus interviews are generally conducted between 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.  If your work schedule does not permit you to participate in interviews during those times, you may opt to contact employers directly rather than to bid for interviews via OCI.  If you elect to do this, indicate in your cover letter that you are applying directly because your work schedule does not permit you to participate in the on-campus interviews.  If you are a 2E or 2P and wish to apply to a firm, please do not apply through OCI unless the firm indicates an interest in receiving resumes from 2Es/2Ps.  Rarely will larger firms consider 2Es and 2Ps for summer associate positions.  If you believe that you have unique qualifications and wish to apply, please do so by writing directly to the firm’s recruiting personnel.

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