1L Career Services Orientation

Tuesday, October 21, 12:15-1:15 pm, Room 203
Tuesday, October 21, 4:45-5:45 pm, Room 310

First year students will learn about the services and programs offered by the Career Services Office at these sessions. Students may choose to attend either session, but attendance at one of them is mandatory.** (The same program will be presented at both sessions.) Students who do not attend will not be given access to the job postings section of DuqLawConnect until they make arrangements to meet with Maria Comas, Director of Career Services.

RSVP required on DuqLawConnect – Events tab. If you forgot your password, please send an email to lawcareers@duq.edu and it will be reissued to you.

Please bring your own lunch/dinner and beverage. Snacks will be provided.

**Please note: The CSO understands that evening students may not be able to attend either program due to work and travel schedules, and we will work with you individually to schedule a mutually convenient meeting time. Please send an email to Maria Comas (comas@duq.edu) with dates and times that you are available to meet. Meetings are available until 6:00 pm most days and telephone meetings are possible.


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