Lawyers are employed in every branch and at every level of local, state, and federal government, and they practice in a wide variety of substantive areas. Many government positions, such as opportunities with District Attorney and Public Defender offices, are noted for offering early responsibility and a very fast paced environment. Competition for these jobs is great, so those interested in a career in prosecution are advised to consider offices in rural areas. Another good approach is to do an externship with a government office in which you are interested.

For additional information about government legal careers, please consult the CSO Handbook chapters “Fundamentals of Job Searching” and “Mechanics of a Job Search.”


*CSO Handbook (Located on this site under “Career Resources)
*The Federal Legal Employment Opportunities Guide 2013-2014 (Created by PSJD – www.psjd.org)*Government Internships and Honors Handbook (Link & Duquesne Law username and password available on DuqLawConnect – under the Shortcuts section)
*www.usajobs.gov – A comprehensive listing of federal jobs and internships.