*Non-traditional Careers

Many law students graduate from law school with the unsettling feeling that the traditional practice of law is not the perfect career that they had imagined when they began law school. Fortunately, many options exist for those who decide not to pursue a traditional legal career. Hiring officials have become increasingly aware of the value of hiring lawyers to fill various positions within their organizations. Because of the basic skills that lawyers acquire in law school, attorneys have the qualifications to prosper in many different fields. Non-traditional/alternative law-related positions are found in every employment sector and in virtually every industry and economic endeavor, including corporations, trade associations, professional associations, every level of government, advocacy organizations, foundations, colleges and universities, accounting firms, hospitals, museums, banks, insurance companies, and even law firms. For specific suggestions and a list of hundreds of alternative legal careers, please

For additional information about non-traditional legal careers, please consult the CSO Handbook chapters “Fundamentals of Job Searching” and “Mechanics of a Job Search.”