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Law Practice Today | Law Student Edition | February 2015

Editor-in-Chief: Micah Buchdahl, Associate Editor: Andrea Malone; Issue Editor: Dan Lear

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By Brett Burney
Why you should choose ABA TECHSHOW.


By John E. Grant
How Kanban, a workflow management system, is transcending professions with its power to improve client relationships and bottom lines alike.


By Patrick A. Palace
Patrick Palace explains how he effectively used his leadership as incoming bar president.


By Lars Mahler
How Natural Language Processing, or NLP, continues to impact lawyers and law professionals.
By Carole A. Levitt & Mark E. Rosch
If you don't think that social media can make or break your case, think again.


By Joseph Granneman
A quick list of how to arm yourself against security breaches.
By V. David Zvenyach
Join the legal revolution--become a hacker.


Leveling the Playing Field: Bringing In the Men
By Patricia K. Gilette

How men's increasing attention to work-life balance will trickle down to the women who have been fighting for that balance for decades already.

Law Students
We Came, We Saw, We Conquered
By Robby Barthelmess, Jacob Wittman, Tiffany Curtiss
What law students can learn from participating in Startup Weekend.


How to Do More in Less Time
By Tom Mighell

"Who doesn't want to do more in less time? The tricky part, however, is getting from theory to the doing part."

Women Rainmakers
In Memoriam: Marty Africa
By Heather Jefferson
Heather Jefferson fondly remembers the founder of ABA Women Rainmakers, Marty Africa.


Career Paths
How the Law and Hotel Marketing Fit Together
By Elyse Cottle

How one sales manager dove into law school to better defend her hotel.

Law Practice Division News
Golden Hammer Award
Congratulations to Patricia Gillette, Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe LLP, the 2015 Golden Hammer Award Recipient.


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