The Diversity Issue.
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The Diversity Issue

Law Practice Today | July 2015 | Law Student Edition

Editor-in-Chief: Micah Buchdahl, Associate Editor: Andrea Malone; Issue Editor: Joan Bullock

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By Kathleen Balthrop Havener
What you need to know.


By Gerald L. Shoemaker, Jr.
Increased equality for marginalized communities means a welcomed increase in legal work.


By Jennifer H. Zimmerman
What is it and how should you use it?


By Joshua Paulin
Why lawyers needs to use technology to increase inclusion.
By Jennifer Ellis
A roundtable with some of the most prominent figures of diversity and inclusion efforts.


By Kenneth Imo
Part I: Chasing our tails.
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Moving From "How Diverse Are We?" To "How Should We Use Diversity?"
By Kenneth Imo
Part II: Diversity as a strategic intangible asset.


Compensation, Motivation, and the Social Contract
By Peter Roberts

"Are compensation and motivation synonymous? Not exactly."

ABA Goal III Entities
By Cynthia Thomas
A break down of the numerous ABA commissions that have risen to promote diversity and inclusion.


New Law
Insights From a New Law Pioneer
By Nick Gaffney

Richard S. Granat discusses his newly launched version of DirectLaw that facilitates networking among law firms to better serve clients.


Career Paths
More Than a Magician
By Carol Ann Martinelli
Interview with lawyer and longtime magician, Kenneth Lapine.


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