Current Issue

Drafting Our Future: Contract Law In 2025


The Judicial Vision of Contract: The Constructed Circle of Assent and Unconscionability
John E. Murray, Jr.


The Future of Fault in Contract Law
Robert A. Hillman


Two Alternate Visions of Contract Law in 2025
Nancy S. Kim


The Future of Many Contracts
Victor P. Goldberg


A Eulogy for the EULA
Miriam A. Cherry


The Death of Contracts
Franklin G. Snyder & Ann M. Mirabito



The Violence Against Women Act and its Impact on the U.S. Supreme Court and International Law: A Story of Vindication, Loss, and a New Human Rights Paradigm
Cheryl Hanna


Saint Thomas More: Equity and the Common Law Method
William D. Bader



A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing: Pennsylvania’s Oil and Gas Lease Act and the Constitutionality of Forced Pooling
Russell Bopp



Arkansas Game & Fish Comm’n v. United States: When a Taking by Any Other Name is Still a Taking: Why Intentional Government-Induced Temporal Floods Should be Governed by Takings Analysis
William C. Wallander

Comparative Law in the Age of Globalization



Comparative Law in the Age of Globalization

Mary Ann Glendon



The Controversy over Citations to Foreign Authorities in American Constitutional Adjudication and the Conflict of Judicial Philosophies: A Reply to Professor Glendon

Michel Rosenfeld


A Focus on Comparison in Comparative Law

Kirk W. Junker



Comparative Law in a Time of Globalization: Some Reflections

Thomas C. Kohler 



Through Our Glass Darkly: Does Comparative Law Counsel the Use of Foreign Law in U.S. Constitutional Adjudication?

Kenneth Anderson 


The Role of Comparative Law in Shaping Corporate Statutory Reforms

Marco Ventoruzzo


Introductory Note to Dott. Vito Cozzoli’s Parliamentary Groups in the Evolving Italian Political System

Dante Figueroa


Parliamentary Groups in the Evolving Italian Political System

Vito Cozzoli



Breaking the Law to be Within the Law

Anya Lernatovych


Bad Boys, Whatcha Gonna Do When They Come for You: An Examination of the United States’ Denial of Asylum to Young Central American Males Who Refuse Membership in Transnational Criminal Gangs

Lauren E. Sullivan